New DAG Pattern

I've been chugging along this month sewing little dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World and enjoying each and every one.  Most have been trimmed with bias tape and rick rack and with each dress I pray for the little girl that will receive the dress, praying for her safety, well being, and that she will know that God loves her and others around the world care for her.  I'll give a total count the end of the month with a few pictures.

The little dress I made yesterday was from a kit that I ordered from Dress a Girl when I first became interested in the organization. It's a little different from a regular pillowcase dress as it is more of an A-line with side seams and a different patch pocket.  If your interested you can contact DAG and request a kit, they will send fabric, bias tape, elastic, and a label along with the Pellon pattern so you can make more of this style if you like.

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

Dress a Girl Around the World

I Had the Best Day Sewing With Friends

I had the best day today sewing little dresses with my Bee friends, what a wonderful group of women.  They have rallied around my project of sewing little dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World and everyone made a dresss or two today.

We met at Cynthia's lovely home and she had everything set up for us in her family room.  Tables, two ironing boards, irons, cutting stations, and dress kits using some of her stash, all cut with the back seam serged.  To top it off, she had already made the pockets.  What a time saver.


There we were, six ladies busy sewing on six Featherweights, what an awesome sight.  My Featherweight, aka Charlotte, decided to act up and was not sewing right,   Many thanks to Adrienne for getting her threaded correctly and making her perfect little stitches again.  What do they always say,  "if your Featherweight has a problem first rethread your machine."

Cynthia had told us, "if anyone wants to stay after noon, I'll have a few snacks."  Well, a few snacks was lunch in her dining room with little ham and egg sandwiches, delicious macaroni salad, fresh fruit and cheese from the morning snacks.  Of course we had to have another piece of her Butter Pound cake.  Wish I had taken a picture of her dining room and the group along with her new Spode dishes.

We took a quick break and we went out to the garage where Cynthia's husband is building a sail boat. We were all impressed to say the least and Greg was very patient as we asked our many novice sailing questions.  Happy sailing, Greg.

More pictures of our fun day.

Hugs and stitches

A Nudge From God

Last week at our monthly S.O.S. (Sisters of Sewing) meeting at the church we had speakers from Congo Restoration talking about the Congo and the sewing school that they have opened for young women.. Two of the speakers were born, raised in the Congo and now living here in Texas. The third, a spokesperson and advocate for Congo Restoration, a program that helps girls and young women in the Congo to raise their standard of living by learning to sew.  The nine month program takes the young women out of poverty, teaches them a skill and upon graduation gives them a sewing machine, with the intent of starting their own sewing business.

A few days later one of my favorite bloggers, Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter, posted her monthly Sew Goodness - Charity Sewing and this got me thinking about what I was doing to give back  My focus since the mid 90's has been charity support with my infant quilts, crochet hats, scarves, and Prayer Shawls.  I felt the need to do something new.  I didn't have the same enthusiasm for quilting as I once had and my hands hurt after crocheting for any length of time.  I needed a new challenge!

About that same time someone posted on Facebook about a woman from Iowa, Lillian Weber, that wanted to sew1,000 Little Dresses for Africa by the time she was 100 years old, she exceeded that goal and made over 1,200 dresses before she passed away just one day before her 101st birthday. What an amazing woman with a generous heart and using her time and talent to serve God.   1Peter 4:10

Then came my nudge from God and the idea of making pillowcase dresses for girls.  I had made a few dresses for my former church and was familiar with the simple pattern and realized this was something I could do. The next day, excited about my new project, I ventured into Joann Fabric.  Not a fan of their fabric for quilting, but it would be fine for my dresses and they were having a 50% off sale.  Next thing I knew I had purchased twelve yards of fabric, bias tape, and rickrack, enough for 12 dresses.

My first dress was O.K, but by the second and third try I had made changes that I was satisfied with.  Changes like using 1/2" elastic instead of the 1/4", a narrow 3/4" hem at the bottom instead of a 2" hem, and a little gathering at the front and back to give a little extra detail. These first dresses have a simple rickrack or lace trim, maybe as I feel more confident I'll add more detailed trim.

No way will I ever have the dedication that Miss Lillian had but if I made 5 or 10 or maybe 25 dresses, that would be great.  Each one would represent another little girl that had a new dress, maybe the first new dress she ever had and quite possibly would replace the rags she has been wearing.  I pray for each little girl as I sew and let them know that they are not forgotten, that others love them, and most of all that they are a child of God.

I don't know where I will send my dresses as I have contacted a couple of resources and not heard back but one thing I do know is that God has directed me to make my dresses and He will find the best home for them.

I'll be sharing more of my dresses with you along the way.

Hugs and stitches

Villa Rosa Designs

For the month of January, Villa Rosa Designs pattern and fabric company was giving away some of their samples quilts and the daily winner was to donate her prize to charity or someone in need. Most of you will recognize Villa Rosa patterns as the company that gives you complete quilt directions on a post card, their patterns are available in quilt shops, internet, and by mail. Many of their patterns are for small and lap size quilts and great for charity and baby quilts.  Villa Rosa patterns are easy, quick, and use mostly pre-cuts.

I won this little quilt made with Villa Rosa's Gypsy pattern with a collection of farm fabrics.  You can see the pigs, eggs, bacon, and even some milk bottle print in the quilt. Surely a small boy would love this little quilt.  I will be donating it to the Keller Methodist Comfort Coverings, I know they will find that special little boy.

Villa Rosa also sent along ten of their newest patterns as a gift for the winner. Looks like I am going to be busy for a long time.

You can find the Villa Rosa web site here.

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

Cozies For My Soup Bowls


With everyone raving how the Soup Bowl Cozies were the best thing since slice bread, I finially gave in and made a couple.  Using the pattern by Happy Hour Stitches, I made the first one knowing it would not fit my wide rimed Mikasa soup bowls but I wanted to see what this pattern was all about. You can find the pattern here.

As the directions say, I used 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting, and 100% cotton thread, anything with polyester might start a fire in the microwave.  I must say it is cute and would protect your fingers when removing a bowl of hot soup.

For the second one, I cut my square 11" and shortened my side darts it seemed to fit my wide rimmed bowls quite well.

Will I make anymore, I don't think so.  When I asked my sons if they would use them, the answer was  a resounding no, but Jeff added "maybe you should use them for dip."

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

Maybe I'll have had a change of mind.  For a simple dinner tonight, I microwaved  a frozen package Asian Noodles and Vegetables, I went to lift it from the microwave------ouch!  Quick to the rescue was my small soup cozy.  Maybe I better make a couple more.