Hosting Bee at My House

Yesterday was my turn to host my quilt Bee and what a lively time is was. With only five members of the seven in town we all managed to squeeze around my kitchen table.  Missing was new grandmother in Nebraska helping mother and new grandson Will and Peg who is enjoying those last weeks at their cabin in Nebraska.  We missed them both but both will be back soon.

Rosemary had magnificent Show and Tell as usual and shared several of her projects that she made a a recent retreat with well known instructors.  Cynthia brought her Featherweight and did some paper piecing, Martha was cutting strips for an organization to use in their project, Rosemary was weaving ribbons to make a tree trunk to be sewn on her miniature, Carolyn was hand stitching binding on yet another beautiful quilt, and I was holding Rusty most of the time as he wanted to be with the ladies.

Here are a few pictures.

Amazon Deliveries Make Me Happy

It doesn't take much to make me happy but an Amazon delivery can make my day.  My latest delivery was a new Nordic Anniversary Bundt Cake pan with a slight gold tint, that is just beautiful and replaces my well worn, original pan. A bit of a splurge but it came recommended by one of my favorite bloggers On Sutton Place and I knew it would be the best..

To test my new pan I thought it only fitting that I use one of  the On Sutton Place recipes.  Ann's Sour Cream Coffee Cake is one that I have wanted to try and with my quilt Bee coming tomorrow this was the perfect time to use my new bundt pan.  You can see it makes a large cake and smells so good coming out of the oven. Can't wait to taste it, I'm sure it will be wonderful, after all it's an On Sutton Place family favorite.

Hugs and Stitches
Betty Lou

Project Linus Day at Must Love Fabric

Yesterday Cynthia and I joined in the fun at Must Love Fabric, my favorite quilt shop, for their monthly Project Linus Sew Day.  A day when women armed with their sewing machine come and sew the day away making tops for Project Linus quilts.  The quilt tops are then packaged with batting, backing, and binding for others to take home and finish.

I didn't know what to expect and was I surprised to find that things were so organized and prepared for us to get right down to sewing.  Bins of pre-cut 5", 8", and 10" squares were all neatly cut and ready for our choosing.  You could make whatever you wanted.  Just sew squares together or design your own.  Most were using the 8" squares, sewn 4 across and 5 down, plus two borders.  Cynthia chose to make an I Spy which turned out so cute.

The lady sitting next to me was a speed sewer and I was amazed at how quickly she could finish a quilt top, each one just as cute as can be.  I left at 1pm and she was on her fourth top, me the slow quilter, finished one.

I plan on going next month, who knows maybe I'll get two tops sewn.  WooHoo.

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

Playing With My Fabric

It's been busy around her the past two days, cutting fabric, making baby quilt kits, and sewing a quilt top.  Yesterday morning I got out a bunch of old stash that could be used for baby quilts.  When I say old, I mean old, most of this fabric I brought with me from N. California eleven years ago and it had already aged significantly when it came to Texas. My plan was to cut baby quilt kits, well that was the plan but then I found a baby quilt top that was about half completed so I fired up the Bernina and got it sewn together.  I need to make six little quilts for great-grands, this little quilt will be four tops completed, two more and I'll send them to the quilter for a quick finish.

It's a fun little quilt made with one charm pack, I used American Jane, Hop, Skip, and Jump and some Bella Ivory to complete.  It goes together quickly with only one charm pack and a solid.  A sweet quilt and you can find the free pattern here.

Today it was back to my original plan and I put six quilt kits together.  I love having a small project ready to sew or to take to quilt bee when we have a sew day.  Best of all, some of the old stash will be put to good use. Hooray!

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

A Glimpse into Bee at Miss Carolyn's

This morning for three hours our quilt bee, proudly named The Cut-Ups, met at Carolyn's beautiful home.  Going into Carolyn's home is a treat unto it self as her art work and creativity is everywhere. Couple that with very creative quilters in our Bee it's like a quilt show every time we meet.  Our group is small in number but big on talent and going to Bee is like going to a mini quilt show.

Like they would say at the movies at the end of a cartoon "That's all folks."

Sunflowers Bring Sunshine into My Life

Ever since I put the fresh begonias on my kitchen table a few weeks ago I have felt the need to have flowers in the house.  Just a few stems can add such joy.  Bud was so good about bringing me flowers and I miss that, time to buy my own. You know what they say "Sometimes you have to create your own Sunshine."

The sunflowers are especially nice and remind me of the fields of sunflowers we would see when driving up the I-5 in California.  They were just gorgeous with their bright yellow petals turning their heads to the sun.  I bought these a week ago and their still shining brightly.

Hope you have some sunshine in your life today, I do.

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou 

And Then There Were Ten

A number of years ago I made pillowcases for an organization that gave them to women and children in shelters along with the pillowcases they gave a New Testament to the women and a book of Bible stories for the children. The chairman would give me a bold of fabric along with the cuffs and I provided the accent piece from my scraps.  I would cut, serge, finish, and return to her, it was very fulfilling.

My good friend, Cynthia, also does this for her church and I told her I would love to make some as I really enjoy working with my serger. The end result, ten pillowcases ready to go

Hugs and stitches
Betty Lou

We Will Always Remember

                                We Will Always Remember